Privacy policy of TECS International

TECS International Foundation (TECS) attaches great value to protecting persons against unnecessary and unauthorized use of their particulars and therefore the following privacy policy, which is based on the Protection of Personal Particulars Act, is applicable.

Registration of personal particulars

This website ( enables the visitor to subscribe to the TECS newsletter, view TECS factsheets and apply for vacancies as advertised. Any personal particulars (provided) in this context, are stored in TECS’ electronic registration system which has been reported to the Board for the Protection of Personal Particulars in The Hague (the Netherlands). Above-mentioned personal particulars are registered and used to mail the newsletters, to carry out electronic orders, or to inform applicants concerning the application procedure. The personal particulars may be registered and used for marketing purposes, but only after explicit permission has been given. Any other registration and use of personal particulars by TECS is subject to company rules and regulations which will be forwarded on request.

Registration of other details

All functions of this website can be accessed without visitor’s personal particulars being recorded. Thus, visiting this website is anonymous, except when the visitor is asked to supply certain particulars, in which case(s) they will be recorded. Besides, details about visiting and movement are recorded, such as the type of connection, the browser used by the visitor, the computer’s steering program from which this website and the pages of this website are visited. These details are only collected and used by TECS so as to optimally fine- tune the content of the website to visitors’ wishes and preferences. By registering the most frequently-visited pages, the navigation menu of the website can be fine-tuned to the visitors’ requirements, besides these data can be used to locate and redress any (technical) problems when visiting the website.

Use of cookies

When supplying information via this website, TECS makes use of so-called cookies. A cookie is a simple, small file which is saved on the hard disc of the visitor’s computer and is used to recognize computers more easily from a previous visit(s) and thus facilitates access to the website for future visits (if any). Cookies do not contain personal particulars.

Links to websites of third parties; use of cookies by third parties

Amongst other things, this website has links enabling visits to third parties, alternatively the website can be visited via links in third parties’ websites. TECS is neither responsible for the privacy policy in relation to websites of third parties, nor for the use of cookies by the same third parties.


TECS reserves the right to change its privacy policy in relation to this website. It is therefore recommendable to check its content on a regular basis.